2 comments on “What Constitutes a Standard? (Or Why I’m Not Buying Into 4k Live Switching Right Now)

  1. Hey Shaun – we really do need to meet at some point and talk shop. Love you blog posts and especially the tip on the Grass Valley AVDC G1!

    I actually just received a review until on the ATEM 4K yesterday and will start testing in the the next few weeks – mostly in 108030P HD but also computer inputs in 3840×2160. My Sony FS700 does not currently support the still-to-be-ratified 6G SDI standard and the BMD 4K is not shipping so testing 4K isn’t something in my workflow needs now or likely for a while.

    I do think I may get called to switch 4K computer inputs at some point in the next two years and possibly playback 4K video (but not live IMAG) and the ATEM 4K can do this. You mentioned the Apple Macbook Pro Retina having a max resolution of 2880×1800 and that this is incompatible with the inputs on the ATEM 4K but that ignores the fact that you don’t need to use the screen resolution. The GeForce 650M video card that is on that particular model can output a max resolution of 3840×2160 via its DisplayPort output, which can easily be converted to HDMI.

    So it is possible to connect a computer to the ATEM 4K in 4K but good luck (today, at least) connecting a video camera to it.

    • It’s not so much that the MacBook can output an appropriate resolution out the secondary display output but the fact that one would need to use an extended desktop to do so, thereby negating the ability of the presenter to use their own laptop as a “confidence” monitor.

      In MY applications (conferences and conventions) this is a deal-breaker.

      As well, this is specific to only a handful of high end laptops that can output that resolution currently and EXCLUSIVELY through extended desktop setups).

      The all new firmware update that allows 3G-compliant video formats on the ATEM 4k is where the unit REALLY shines now.

      Thanks for the input and good luck with your testing.

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