3 comments on “Living Large On The Road

  1. So true…having been a trucker for years in my younger days and general vagabond for many too…I know the burger and fries syndrome. But it is ok. When I had a VW Westfalia camper…I was finally able to eat and store food properly and had tons of room for my “stuff”. I even converted my Astro van into a camper for my x Canada drive too. ….also…no motels needed! You would be amazed at all the hidden treasure spots to call it a night in. Something will present itself to you Shaun….and you can keep the Roadog Roadtrip alive! Franny

  2. I have a small cooler that plugs into the cig lighter, which works as long as you don’t leave it plugged in for too long when you’re not driving. Snacks that don’t go bad are useful such as whole wheat pita with hummus or veggies and hummus. Nuts are good snacks that can fill you up and don’t melt in the heat. Supermarkets have little fruit cups that are pretty healthy and you waste less….

  3. Of course, I carry nuts and raisins, fruit bars and fruit “leathers” and that sort of thing with me as well for “snackies”. I’ve often thought about the 12v coolers but wonder if even that could keep up with the 35 degree heat in the Prairies (45 IN the car…)

    Frankly, I need a bigger production vehicle.

    Or maybe I’m just lazier than you are, Claudia… 😉

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