2 comments on “Anti-Social Networking

  1. I totally agree Shaun. Sure the new and familiar social media´s all have their perks businesswise, but to actually be successful in your chosen career one must still engage in personal contact. At least for a small business person as compared to a huge corporate entity. Myself, as an artist when I was self promoting my work fervently it was all based on meeting people in art shows etc. I managed to build relationships and a trust with my clients and dealers. All because they got to know me personally. People wanted to connect with the artist and have a story associated with their chosen painting. Word of mouth and referrals were the way to go. I became very successful. This was 20 years ago. I was just starting to get my head around this thing called email. Now I am honestly lost regarding most of the existing social media options available. I Facebook ( and this had me kicking and screaming to join until I moved to Mexico to merely keep in touch) and I have a blog too. But that is it. I still rely on face to face encounters for business. At least in my profession…and I am sure yours too….once people can actually gain an insight to your personality, professionalism , business ethics and visions….you have gained far more than you would have from a website or texting. I have to say that having worked with you…from the other side of the camera recently, I have huge respect for you and your work. I could not have derived this at all from just contacting you or even reading your blog here ( though it is well written and inspired) I had to actually meet you…get to know you and understand your and your methods to fully appreciate how professional and skilled you are.

    I applaud your methods of business Shaun. You will be very very successful. Keep on keep on.


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